Animation for STEAM Education
As a volunteer for Catchafire, I created the three GIFS below for Kids First Initiative (KFI), a nonprofit organization in Michigan that uses "hands-on activities to teach underserved youth social and 21st Century skills" ( 
KFI created the concepts for Nancy Nanobots and Malcolm Microchip, two of the characters below.  They are superheroes who use their powers for good. 
I handled the illustration of the characters.  I researched nanobots and microchips and how they worked. I also researched symbols of nanobots and microchips, which I adapted and put on their shirts. 
 The little girl is Daphne Detector. I created her while doing some Adobe Animate practice at the start of the project.
Nancy Nanobots
Malcolm Microchips
Daphne Detector
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